Why you shouldn’t skip testing and other lessons – webinars by BinarApps

Artur Rapalski

One of our challenges for this year was to launch a series of webinars. We’re happy to announce that we’re making it happen! 

Sharing knowledge is one of our core values. We remember that once upon a time, someone taught us the basics. Today, rich in knowledge and experience, we can be teachers for the new generation of technology enthusiasts. 

Webinars are a natural progression of our previous endeavors: LRUG meetup, Ł_APP! mobile meetup, Blockchain Business Lodz, and BinarApps internal conference called BAcon. But, since you can’t spell ‘webinar’ without ‘binar’, it was obvious we should give it a go.

Tomasz Bąk, Software Engineer, took the first shot. Brave man! He talked about how to manage remote teams and deliver great results – something that a lot of people were interested in since March of 2020. Despite the fact that it wasn’t his first public speech, but we all felt the excitement of starting something new!

The second webinar was about the real costs of poor testing. Olena Starykova, IT Project Manager with unmatched charm, has proven that she’s as professional in front of the camera as she is in real life. Olena has gathered the most interesting case studies that show how unidentified bugs have caused million-dollar losses for big brands.

Couldn’t make it to the webinar? Good news: you can watch them below! 

Remote workforce management. How to expand your development power with remote teams?

The real cost of not testing your app

Make sure you don’t miss out anymore by registering now! You can find the full list of our webinars under the link:

Right now you can register for the webinar “How to build teams that always get stuff done?” with our Scrum Master, Paweł Lewiński:

See you on June 17!

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