What is technology consulting? What does a tech consultant do?

Inez Bartosińska

Proper understanding of the real need or problem is critical for wise business decisions and technology choices. That’s why we think every project roadmap should start with tech consulting. Over the years, we’ve developed a unique methodology called “Future as a Service.” It is founded on the premise that innovation consulting should discover the expected value-add, who and what is affected, and how they will benefit. Our team of digital natives always focuses on responding to the current needs of the targeted market from the very beginning. Let us guide you through how well-organized technology consulting looks like. 

What is a tech consulting?

Let’s say you have an idea for a new digital product but no clue how to implement it in real life? That’s why technology consulting exists. It is a service that offers a proprietary and staged approach to managing the development of product or process innovation. It should always start by understanding the current situation of your addressable market. Before the product is created, it is crucial to define the project scope having in mind domains such as business benefits, boundaries, competition, stakeholders, product vision, processes, and more. To simplify, tech consulting is a system that enables understanding of the real need or problem to make the right business decisions and technology choices. 

What does a tech consultant do?

The role of tech consultants in product development is to help the client choose the right technological solutions and guide him on using them more efficiently. Methods implemented by tech consultants aim at improving business processes, minimizing costs, and enhancing technological opportunities. Consulting services play a crucial role in the whole digital strategy. Thus, the tech consultant’s assignment is not only to inform clients on how to manage the IT resources to improve business results but also to come up with robust process strategies. Our consultants always focus on understanding client problems and working through the solution by adopting varied technologies. It doesn’t matter at which stage of product development you are, you can always request a consultation with our specialists and define a new strategy or update the existing one. 

When should a company use technology consulting services?

Tech company managers might feel overwhelmed with the wide range of technologies available on the market. It is not an easy task to choose accurate solutions which will bring value to the business. Asking technology consulting firms for help might take off that burden from the manager’s shoulders. Tech consultants have a broad perspective across many industries. Thus, they know how to answer current market needs and trends such as, so frequently demanded, green solutions. Let’s read about the details about why technology consulting can be so valuable.

  • Shaping product idea 

If you have an idea for a product but keep wondering what form should it take, which functions are essential, or will it succeed on the market, then tech consultation is what could save you a lot of trouble. A team of specialists will analyze the current market situation and select profitable solutions accordingly. 

  • Defining stakeholders needs

Based on previous research conducted by the analysts performing the workshop, the tech consulting team verifies previous assumptions and digs deeper into user and domain needs. 

  • Creating solutions

Once a thorough analysis was conducted, technology consulting companies focus on coming up with optimal solutions, validating them, and planning their delivery. At this stage of the process, the key features are selected. Then, the project prototype is being tested and improved in the agile approach. 

  • Estimating costs and opportunities

After testing the product prototype and adjusting its features to stakeholders’ needs, tech consultants will help you plan further actions such as preparing full product specifications, estimating the budget, or making the subsequent project schedule. 

How is IT consulting help running development projects forward?

IT consulting services can be of real value for those who struggle with product development. Instead of leaning over backwards to discover whether your idea is good, which features should your app contain to succeed on the market, or how to launch a product minimizing costs and bringing profit to your business, find reliable tech consulting services. They will boost your project development. Whether you are at the early stages of planning or have a ready product that needs some upgrade, a team of qualified tech consultants is there to help. 

Even though a service like this might be a considerable investment, it turns out it could save you a lot of money and time in the bigger picture. You could struggle to analyze domains and user’s needs, gather a new team, wait for them to really be a team, and start planning. It will take many months before they learn how to work together and learn how to choose the best solutions. However, everything will stay inside the company. Is it the best decision, though?

By choosing a group of experienced tech consultants who already worked together on dozens or hundreds of projects, you can be sure that they will deliver real value to your business. They know what they do, and they know how to do it to answer both you and your customers’ needs. While tech consultants focus on building the project plan, you can take advantage of spare time and devote it to your company’s development.


As digital natives, we know that every project is unique and requires an individual approach. Based on our vast experience in technology consulting services, we have developed a proprietary method for product development roadmaps. We focus on building an interdisciplinary team that helps you go through the innovation process seamlessly. There is no need to micromanage our consultants as they know exactly what and when should be done. They are capable of answering current market needs and resolving emerging issues quickly. Our clients value our expertise in the field, and the time we give them back. No matter at which stage of the project you are, if you have any doubts, feel free to contact us for innovative consultation. We will move your product vision to a workable action plan.

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