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How does our UX audit work?

Our team of UX experts, UI designers, and consultants helps to improve products and create a unique user experience. When conducting a UX audit, we focus on various aspects to discover what will enhance your product, its performance, user reception and satisfaction. We’ve developed dedicated packages so that everyone can choose the service for their individual needs:

1. Main principles

This package focuses on product usability. The analysis points out the areas for improvement. Our UX expert will go through specified processes and judge their intuitiveness, challenging your product with 10 Nielsen’s heuristics and checking if your product works properly on different types of devices.

  • Workshop to discover your needs and adjust our way of working

2. Customer view

This package gives you a solid user perspective. Thanks to usability tests, our experts obtain direct information about user behavior. The results of research and observations will allow checking to what extent the website or application is adapted to the needs of target groups and which areas still require improvement.

  • Usability tests with 5 users

3. Customer profile

This package tells you how users behave using your product. Our specialists check what devices users use, how they come, and how they leave the product. Combining usability tests and traffic analysis they can create a full customer profile based on qualitative and quantitative data.

  • Traffic analysis

Why it is worth conducting a UX audit?

Excellent, practical digital products are defined by the basic design principles and current market trends. Considering both when creating a digital product guarantees end-user satisfaction and, therefore, their commitment and retention. A regular UX audit leads to higher conversion rates, improved processes, simple structure, and brand consistency. It is a good practice that will help you keep your product up to date and achieve the best possible User Experience.

What does the UX audit process look like?

Are you not satisfied with how your application looks or operates? We will help you use the full potential of your digital product by conducting a thorough UX Audit. We will discover how to improve your product and help you get the most out of it.


The workshop we conduct with our clients is the basis for further expert analysis. First, we want to know you better, your product, and your business goals.

Expert Analysis

After the initial workshop, we need to determine which parts of your product and what processes will be reviewed.

Dedicated Report

Our findings and recommendations will be collected in the final UX Audit report.

Summary meeting & recommendations

At the summary meeting, we will discuss the report prepared for you. We can also plan the following steps to improve your digital product according to our recommendations.

Why choose us for your UX audit?

A reliable UX Audit team is key to achieving successful results. 


We aim to make the process of creating future digital business simple. That’s why we put special emphasis on getting to know your digital product better before we start coding. The mobile app development process is preceded by business analysis, research, and workshops – whatever your project needs at the current stage. 

On-time and budget

The app development process is suited to your project. Pay fixed price or for time and material. Not sure how much your mobile app will cost? We can help you prepare your budget before providing our estimations.

Multi-industry solutions

We have provided web and mobile apps for media and video professionals. Our mobile apps help retailers in improving their customers’ experience. Through our customized app development process, we have developed unique marketplaces for freelancers and global brands. We have also contributed to the booming industries such as fintech, e-health, and logistics.


With 8 years on the market and over 150 successfully completed projects, we offer a mobile app development process that can be customized. We cover a wide range of mobile technology to deliver a mobile app suited to your business. 

Our projects

We offer a unique approach to the app development process thanks to the incredible project we have worked on. Our mobile app developers are more than coders. We have provided leading mobile app solutions to innovators in their fields thanks to our complex approach that includes business analysis, UX/UI design, and agile approach to project management.



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Frequently Asked Questions About UX Audit

We’re happy to answer all your questions!

When should I book a UX audit?


UX audit helps to discover what can in a product, functionality, or service help users utilize it better, how to improve it and find potential errors or places causing user frustration. Therefore, the audit is helpful when you notice a decrease in the number of users, visits to the website, or the product has a high bounce rate. It can also help you during the development stage, and you will avoid the cost of fixing bugs after creating a finished product.

What activities do you perform during the UX audit?


During the UX audit, we conduct a series of tests and analyzes of various elements. These are usability tests based on the examples of people using the website developed with the client; expert audit based on heuristic analysis and cognitive wandering; analysis of alternative solutions based on the errors verified during the audit; responsiveness analysis carried out on different screen resolutions and accessibility analysis (WCAG), which consists in ascertaining whether the website meets the accessibility conditions described in the WCAG standards.

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