Top 7 Most Innovative Agriculture Apps

Inez Bartosińska

The mobile application market has been developing strongly for many years, and nothing seems to be an obstacle to its further growth. Although it seems to us that there are already apps for everything, the market still surprises us with some novelties. One of them is agriculture. Also, AI or IoT technologies are developing dynamically, so applications have to adapt to them constantly. Software programs must also respond to human needs in every area of life. 

Due to technological development and natural growth increase, there is a growing demand for increased efficiency in the farming industry. Innovative mobile applications perfectly complement and combine various solutions in this area. So, what kind of software is used to improve the agriculture sector? What are the top farming apps? Finally, which application is the best one? Let’s dive into the details. 

What are the most popular types of agriculture apps?

While only a decade ago, applications just came into being, and their design and functionalities were very basic, today’s app market is so abundant that it is difficult to choose only one product. Back then, the main functions were based on simple data storage, and today it is just one of the multiple functions available on various farming software. Nowadays, mobile products for agriculture are based on modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and machine learning. As a result, they can improve field monitoring, data analyzing, weather forecasting, transactions, and more. 

Everyone involved in the agricultural sector can benefit from modern farming apps. But, above all, these solutions are essential for farmers themselves. Farming apps can revolutionize daily work on the field, and thanks to advanced technologies, they can relieve farmers of some of their laborious tasks. So, what type of agriculture apps is the most popular? 

It is hard to point out just one most popular type of farming application, but trading apps surely have a lot of farmer’s attention. These mobile apps connect growers to traders, allow tracking of sales and transactions. There even exist platforms for selling imperfect products so they don’t go to waste. 

Farm planning and farm mapping apps are another widespread agriculture digital product. They allow farmers to track and analyze plant growth, animal health and movement, field conditions, and even predict and prevent adverse reactions. 

Weather conditions are one of the most important factors for crops growth. Therefore, climate and weather applications are very beneficial for farmers. They allow controlling the air and ground temperature and send weather alerts. Thus, it is much easier to take preventive measures that will protect crops from damage.

In precision farming, where farmers use AI and IoT technologies, agriculture GPS apps come in handy. This kind of apps allows you to control the autonomous machinery’s activity in the field or conduct land measurements. 

Which is the best app for agriculture:

Operations Center Mobile – this app (previously called John Deere MyOperations) is the most popular solution in remote management of your field operations and equipment. Its main function is to estimate your expected and actual performance and give you insight into it. But, the software offers multiple interesting functionalities such as AutoSetup, which is a tool that makes it effortless to plan all major tasks: soil tillage, seeding, spraying, fertilizing, and harvesting. It can reduce the set-up time in the field by up to 90%. Or AutoPath that automatically creates guidance lines for the entire field from the rows already planted, eliminating crop damage. The app is available on Android, iPad, and iPhone. 

AgriSync – an app that connects farmers to advisors who support them and resolve issues on the farm remotely. Farmers get to communicate with various supporters from multiple companies and use real-time video to provide better visibility. The app utilizes John Deere’s RDA to support its displays. The main advantage is that a visit to the tractor might not be necessary as advisors can virtually resolve the issue. You can get the app on Android, iPad, and iPhone. 

Climate App – a software that helps farming producers track key temperatures. It shares maps that give you insight into recent and actual highs, lows, and soil temperatures. Thanks to comprehensive data, farmers are aware of the factors that could affect their crops and take appropriate measurements to protect them in case of any adverse conditions. The app provides five main options such as maximum temperature yesterday or 7-day average soil temperature. All options link to a map with a scale that shows data corresponding to the area. The app is available on most mobile devices.

Totheshelf – a farming app for trading. It connects growers to traders. The main goal is to build a global network of farming products sellers and buyers. Anyone involved in livestock or plant products trading can get the application and search for business partners or customers. The software is available on iPad and iPhone in English and Greek. Also, you can download it in all countries.

Vence Corp – an app for virtual fencing and autonomous animal control. The app is based on Artificial Intelligence technology to maximize the yield of your land. It allows farmers to monitor and manage the movement and grazing of the livestock directly from a smartphone. Also, it offers other functionalities, such as creating virtual fence lines anywhere on your property. Or monitoring animal well-being with the use of special sensors worn by the livestock. 

AgriApp – an easy-to-use application for smart farming in India. It allows farmers to get better farming knowledge and solve problems related to agriculture. The product provides information on crop production, crop protection, smart farming, and relevant allied services. It also offers various tools such as chat with experts, a marketplace, the latest farming news, or video-based learning. The app is available on Android.

CropRecords – an app from Canadian software company Croptimistic Technology. It allows creating and tracking tasks for spraying, seeding, fieldwork, and harvesting. Farmers enter the data in the field, which syncs automatically once it’s online. The backend system synchronizes all the files between users and software platforms in the SWAT MAPS brand. The app is available for Android, iPad, iPhone.

How the software development revolutionizes the agriculture sector?

It is hard not to notice that the demand for agriculture software development is increasing, and a broad range of farming applications is available on the market. Generally, the agriculture sector has changed significantly over the last decade. Many farmers invested in new technologies, autonomous tractors, drones, or smart sensors, to name a few. All these devices and machinery support every process that happens on the field and out of it. Thanks to innovative solutions, seeding, watering, harvesting, managing livestock, or supply chain management are all fully or at least partly automated. However, none of that would be possible without mobile applications that enable farmers to track and control what actually happens on the farm.

The concept of smart farming (that includes the usage of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, sensors, location systems, robotics, and autonomous machinery) is becoming more popular and simpler to adapt. Even though the solution seems to be more suitable for large farms, it can be prosperous for smaller homesteads too. The main goal is that innovative agriculture apps improve the efficiency, quality, and quantity of the crops minimizing the level of human labor at the same time. 

By implementing modern agriculture apps, farmers get to enhance the data collection. Sensors installed on the farm collect various data and send it to a mobile application that automatically sorts and interprets received information, providing ready analysis and statistics. Thus, you get a better knowledge of the effects of your work, which results in improved decision-making. Also, you get to organize well-planned strategies for the future.

Moreover, some apps enable digital control of autonomous tractors and other devices. So there is no need for you to go to the field and set it manually. Instead, you use an app on your mobile phone and adjust everything straight away. It saves you time and money. 

Another crucial matter is about what happens beyond the field. Growing crops and farm management are just half of the job in a successful farming business. In addition, you need to take care of storage, transportation, and sales. Luckily, there were apps created for that too. 

Smart agriculture apps enable recording products stored in a warehouse or tracking the supply chain’s route at every step. In addition, some of the solutions are customer-centered. For example, a client can check a product’s origin by scanning a QR code entitled to it. This way, with higher awareness of your company’s politics, clients are more likely to trust you and buy from you. 

We can safely say software development revolutionizes agriculture development on many levels. 


By 2050, we can expect the world population to grow up to 10 billion people and knowing that there is no denying that global food production will have to increase accordingly. To prevent global famine, it will need to rise by 70%. Another obstacle concerns labor shortage, increasing production costs, food waste, and transparency in the farm management and food supply chain. 

Clearly, the agriculture industry of the 21st-century faces some grave challenges, and technology is the answer. As you could see, among a variety of applications, there are many ready-made software solutions. However, if you can’t find your perfect choice or want to get your own app designed, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will estimate the project for you. 

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