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Staff Augmentation in Times of COVID-19 and How We Do It

Igor Dąbrowski
Staff augmentation in era of coronavirus

Currently, the world is facing massive challenges that affect the global workforce and the way companies are administrated. According to Forbes, CFOs are increasingly employing more flexible labor models since the pandemic has been announced. We can all agree that the reasons for this behavior are clear: staff shortages due to illness, temporary closures, and government decrees are getting in the way of ensuring continuous workflow. 

Fortunately, BinarApps has been built on an agile culture. We make sure that our services are always made-for-measure, so flexible hiring options have always been a part of our work style. For over 6 years, we have been assisting our Clients with staffing critical activities quickly with high-in-demand skills and part-time specialists. Now we can help you address the current needs of your project and offer new partnership models.

Is BinarApps Staff Augmentation Service Right For You?

What we bring to the table is:


The WHO guidelines during the times of pandemic underline the importance of social distancing. Team members provided by us through staff augmentation service work remotely. This way you minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission in your workspace. Since we have been working with Clients from 16 countries, remote work and potential barriers such as timezones, language, and effective task management are not a problem

Cost Control

We offer transparent financial contracts where you only pay for the task you’ve specifically requested and/or for working hours of a specialist of your choosing. You can fully avoid the costs of the HR process, which gives you the opportunity to save money in these unsure times. 

Quick Fix

A study by Deloitte shows that it can take up to 94 days to recruit a high-skilled professional. We can significantly shorten that amount of time because we already have experienced specialists that we know very well. All you need to do is interview them and decide who would you like to hire. 

Top Talent

Poland is in the top 10 of Top Coder international IT talent statistics. We’re proud to have a group of amazing individuals on board who aren’t only accomplished specialists, but also great people. 

A Look Into The Future

Our general advice is to view this troubling environment as an opportunity to revisit your labor model going forward. The COVID-19 outbreak is largely regarded as a catalyst for employers to see what remote work truly is: the future of work. Once the immediate skills gap in your project is filled, consider how the current situation is likely to impact your business. BinarApps innovation consultants can give you advice on how to move towards more sustainable, flexible solutions. 

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