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How to create unmaintainable apps that will cost you a fortune – a cautionary tale
Of course, you want your app to be perfect. Or you want to be a great developer who delivers clean code. But sometimes things don’t go your way even though you’re trying so hard! How to make sure you take only the rights steps towards the best product you can possibly make?
Cezary Haliniarz
Web Developer
August 12th 2020
4 - 5 PM CEST

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    The real cost of not testing your app
    Rush is a bad adviser. If you work on project cost optimization, don’t overlook the aspect of quality assurance – otherwise, savings will quickly turn into additional costs. Olena Starikova, Project Manager at BinarApps and the master of Excel, will show you why skipping tests can stagger your digital product development.
    Olena Starikova
    IT Project Manager
    How to build teams that always get stuff done?
    Every iteration and sprint in the project is about achieving goals. Smart team management is essential to deliver the best results, but how to do it without losing values out of sight? Paweł Lewiński, Scrum Master at BinarpApps and Agile Coach, will tell you how to get 100% out of your teamwork every time you tackle a new challenge.
    Paweł Lewiński
    Scrum Master
    Securing and certifying documents with blockchain. When and why it makes sense?
    Securing and certifying documents with Blockchain. When and why it makes sense? Did you know that Blockchain can reduce administration costs by 40%? Discover what is Blockchain Document Management System and all its benefits to your business.
    Łukasz Ciastek
    IT Project Manager
    What will be the best technology for your mobile app? An economical perspective on technology choices
    Don’t spread your project too thin by choosing to develop too many technologies at once. See which framework is the most suited to your app and create a realistic cost estimation.
    Piotr Kaźmierczak
    Android Developer
    Demystifying digital transformation in a large organization. What it really means?
    The key to winning customers is to provide them with technological solutions that answer their needs. Where to start to get the best results in the future?
    Dawid Pawlik
    IT Project Manager
    Remote workforce management. How to expand your development power with remote teams?
    With remote work on the rise, a set of new challenges has to be met. Polishing up your management skills in the area of working with remote teams is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. During the webinar, we will share the best practices based on our experiences of working as – and with – remote teams. Join the event and let Tomasz Bąk, our Software Engineer, introduce you to 7 helpful tips that will greatly improve the results of teamwork when every member is working from home.
    Tomasz Bąk
    Software Engineer

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