Self-development and growth in BinarApps style!

Igor Dąbrowski

The average person spends over 90,000 hours at work during life. When to develop at such a rate, when to grow? In BinarApps we are sure: the right place for both professional and personal growth is work.

How to combine effective work with self-development, how to stay tuned and maintain harmony in life? BinarApps shares the experience – the self-development of an employee at work is not the utopia, but a way it should be.

It is a pleasure to cooperate with the positive team, which is motivated to work, and constantly compliments knowledge with new information and skills. Thus, self-development is an intricate part of BinarApps and needs a complex approach. To maintain health and harmony, every human has to work on each of the 4 pillars: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development. We want to share a part of the internal BinarApps world to show the important elements of our growth.

1. Developing physical power 

A healthy body keeps a healthy mind! What do we do to keep our minds and bodies healthy in BinarApps?

  • sports competitions and maintaining sports initiatives – football, volleyball, eSport competitions
  • co-financing of a gym membership card
  • medical care benefits
  • strict observance of OSH rules for the comfort of the team
  • decent working conditions, fresh fruits every Tuesday, paid lunchtime, breaks during the workday

People are different: someone is a fan of going to the gym 5 times a week and play football in a cheerful noisy team, and somebody would rather stay at home or go for a calm walk. But no one can argue that the physical element is extremely important: the fresh fruits Tuesdays, adherence to the NPT regime with food breaks and taking a rest when it is needed. We maintain the physical pillar as a part of the multifaceted picture of extensive self-development.

2. Liberating emotional spirit

The emotional state has a strong influence on us and our productivity. What do we practice to develop the emotional pillar and create a positive attitude in the team?

  • the healthy and friendly atmosphere at work
  • flexible working hours and remote work
  • support of together time spending initiative

The problem of emotional burnout is a serious and widespread disease of our times. In BinarApps we do our best to prevent such state of mind and to keep a positive condition. It is important to feel inspired to deal with new challenges. Possibility to work remotely and flexible working hours bring calm into the life: you don’t have to hurry to be at the office at 9, and count hours until 5 to leave the office. If you feel worse or it is comfortable for you to finish the work at home, you can talk to your manager and work from your place.

3. Maintaining grey cells

The world is changing so fast, that it became an art to keep up with the updates and new skills for intellectual self-development. The various meetups, both internal and external, workshops, lectures, and courses motivate us to go ahead, and to look for the best ways of problem-solving.

  • language lessons in small groups
  • taking part in internal and external conferences
  • articles on the blog and time for its preparation
  • summer internship and lectures for students
  • firm library
  • funding of the development and sharing experience initiatives
  • paid time for self-development

We are always glad to see you on LRUG, Blockchain, OpenCoffee, and other BA meetups. If you don’t have an opportunity to come, you can also watch the live stream.
Our experts share experiences and interesting thoughts at various conferences and events. There is also working paid time which they can spend on the preparation. Each employee has 8 hours in a month for self-development or mentoring, which could be spent on improving skills and competences. The firm library in our office is ready to bring new knowledge. More, every member could initiate the buying of new books by the firm.
If a part of the BinarApps team wants to participate in some interesting conference/workshop/course, which will have a good influence on the work, it will be for sure financed from the firm budget.

4. Opening chakras

Spiritual development is not about religiosity or reaching enlightenment. It is:

  • good relationships and atmosphere in the firm
  • engaging a family to the firm event and integrations
  • motivation and an opportunity to improve skills
  • support the initiatives of employees
  • coaching and agile workshops

Spiritual pillar in the general sense is maintaining soul harmony. According to BinarApps, it could be reached by the support of an employee, business coaching and agile workshops, which show how to optimize the working process, make it more productive, and, at the same time, pleasant.

Is there life after the student internship?

In BinarApps the young talents without experience yet can start their career from the internship. Flexible working hours and empathy of colleagues is the thing which helps to combine study with work, so students can easily adapt working hours to the study plan.
Here is a Daria, the veteran of BinarApps. Daria knows firsthand about implementing the 4 pillars of self-development, how to start and continue in BinarApps. Daria started her way of developer from the internship in BA 5 years ago. Today she is an experienced and active developer, who knows her stuff, organizes great conferences and events. Outside of work, Daria is a passionate music manager. The ambitious person proved that BinarApps is a place for development and rising in both professional and personal aspects. Watch the video, where Daria shares her thoughts about the development in BinarApps.

The really good team is where employees and employers care about what they do, is motivated and open-minded – it is a recipe for BinarApps. With the help of self-development, good attitude, communication, and constantly updating knowledge help, we do our best to successfully implement the great projects into life. There is always room for improvement and self-development, and the mission of the workplace is to support the initiatives for growth

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