LRUG Episode #46 – A New Decade

Igor Dąbrowski

January 16th marked the first LRUG of the decade. We’re coming into the roaring 20s with the same values that kept us going throughout the years and motivated us to organize LRUG: curiosity, humor, and sense of community. That being said, we can’t wait to see what the upcoming years will bring!

The meetup, as some could say, was full of things Tiggers like the most. Tech discussion was followed up with networking over a few beers (or soft drinks, whatever the guests prefer). Check out what we were talking about!

Code review made simple

Have you ever looked for advice on how to improve your code only to hear „looks good to me”? Yeah. Frustrating, isn’t it? Tomasz Bąk from BinarApps talked more about the history of code review and why it’s necessary. In his presentation Looks Good To Me – Code Review For People, Tomasz explained the review step by step. All of this to make sure we identify the potential problems and avoid common traps of group projects, like skipping important steps, neglecting documentation or trusting that a more experienced team member knows everything so we don’t voice our concerns. In retrospect, the presentation wasn’t just about code review, but also about how to work effectively on a digital product. 

All things Trailblazer

Did you know that Ruby User Group has a division in Białystok? Well, now you do! We always welcome presenters from outside of Łódź to expand the community and keep things fresh. Kamil Milewski and Krzysztof Piotrowski work at a software house named 2nIT. They came all the way from the East of Poland to talk about their latest passion: Trailblazer.

Trailblazer is an additional framework that allows coders to create a high-level architecture for Ruby. Firstly, Kamil introduced us to working with Trailblazer and how it’s different from other frameworks. He talked about railway oriented programming, which means that operation has two tracks: one for a happy path and one for errors. He proceeded to show a diagram that presented both success and failure track. One could say this brings a lot of unnecessary lines into the code. However, when things get complicated, this could become a way to save the project from impending doom. Good news – to design workflow in the Trailblazer, you don’t even have to code!

Then Krzysztof took the lead and went deep into Trailblazer, focusing on the role of cells in the framework. Cells can handle not only Active Records objects passed to it – they are fine handling basically anything you want. This means your code can be more transparent, better organized, and even more effective. 

You can read more about Trailblazer here.

Sounds interesting? Follow us on our socials to find out when the next edition of LRUG is going to take place. Remember that we’re open to suggestions; if you’d like to present, contact 

See you soon!

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