Łódź Mobile MeetAPP is here – Ł_APP! #1

Igor Dąbrowski

Now, this is something that doesn’t happen every day: we’ve started a new meetup or, more accurately, a meetAPP: Ł_APP! focuses on applications and mobile technology as a whole. Since apps are in the name of our company, it’s only natural to come up with that kind of initiative.

Mobile phones are essential to our lives. That’s why our new meetAAP is meant for everyone interested, not just strictly the IT crowd. We wanted to create a space for every aspect of creating an app: from ideas to technology and business potential. It doesn’t matter if it’s iOS or Android – we welcome all kinds of discussion.

The first edition took place in one of our favorite spots in Łódź: Co\Walk Hub coworking space. We started off with two presentations from experienced developers.

Is Flutter the next big thing in mobile development? 

Michał Powłoka (IDEMIA)

It seems like creating an app is easier than ever before, at least that’s what we got from Michał Powłoka and his live coding session in Flutter. It’s a framework powered by Google that has been getting more and more attention this year. Michał, developer at IDEMIA, says that hiring two teams of developers – one for iOS and one for Android – is getting pointless when tools like Flutter are already available. It allows to write code for both systems at the same time. During his presentation, Michał created a simple social media interface that further proved his point. Granted, it isn’t an ideal solution for every project, but perfect for anyone who’s creating an app for the first time. So, is Flutter the future of mobile apps? Only time will tell.

Pipelines? In MY code?!

Piotr Kaźmierczak (BinarApps)

The second presentation was held by our colleague, Android developer Piotr Kaźmierczak, who has been very involved in organizing the meetAPP. No wonder his presentation focused on his everyday work, although many attendants were left scratching their heads at the idea of „pipelines” in programming. Turns out Piotr explained in great detail how the continuous integration/continuous delivery affects the process of coding. It can improve the quality of the code, teamwork, and safety. He did show some examples of the workflow at BinarApps which proved these weren’t just empty words. We expect pipelines will become a part of developers’ slang very soon.

Piotr Kaźmierczak ŁAPP1

First time lucky, second time great

New initiatives always come with a healthy dose of excitement and not-so-healthy stress. We’re more than happy that the first edition of Ł_APP! ran smoothly and we can’t wait for the next one. It’s going to take place in February 2020. Perhaps you’d like to be one of the speakers? Contact to pitch your idea!

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