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We care about time and comfort, so just to be quick and effective.

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General info

Our cool office is in Łódź. Remote work is possible, but not on a permanent basis. We offer relocation help, please let us know if you need it.

We are mainly Ruby on Rails. The team works really closely and we share what we know, we enjoy spending time together and these are things which make us proud. If you’re a lone wolf type and don’t care about other people, we may not be the best workplace for you.

Competition, comfort

We calculate our wages adequately and responsibly :) If you want to work with us, please check our salaries for specific positions.

You'll also get a 50% refund for buying a MacBook, while another monitor is fully covered by the company. After 3 years of work the laptop is yours to have.

We use AGILE framework, as everyday scrums help us manage our projects. Our clients are, by and large, Polish and International startups; such projects make the bulk of our everyday work.

What do you get for starters?

  • MacBook + essentials
  • Free English lessons with our fine staff
  • Everyday snooker matches We don't have a spa, yet ;)
  • Flexible hours
  • Partial refunds for conference tickets
  • Training programs
  • Great view, so you can feast your eyes with something more than a constant stream of commits
  • Weekly Name That Tune game. We don't have Simon Cowell, but it's exciting nonetheless.

Challenges and professional development

Startup projects are what we like most – working environment is less predictable than usual, but it allows for a truly creative approach. If you feel that your code lacks that bit of creative freedom and you're fed up with playing way too safe, BinarApps will be like a new home to you :)

Our staff is encouraged to improve their skills. We have a free English course, training sessions and we often participate in conferences, where you can benefit from both networking and up-to-date know-how. If you have a thirst for knowledge – we want you among our ranks!

We work hard on our organizational levels to be as transparent as possible, and we're making great progress in that regard. A horizontal structure suits us well, giving you a voice on every aspect of work in your team, and making sure it never goes unheard. The company founders – Adam & Maciek – work in the same manner (and space) as everyone else, you can pop in anytime and have a chat with them.

While we worked on establishing the BinarApps brand, we decided against involving consultants in the customer service workflow. Startup dynamics require that communication between parties to be as clear as possible. For us, it was obvious that we can give that task only to our best programmers, working under a Scrum Master's careful supervision. In our opinion, this solution has more advantages than shortcomings. However, if you believe that a client relationship needs more degrees of control, we will not insist on our approach. You can be an island, if you want to :) But, if you're not shy and have business communication skills you want to develop, our working environment is a great place to do that.

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