Onboarding, how to get your new hire acclimated at a new job!

Igor Dąbrowski

It is said that the first three months at a new job are the most difficult. This doesn’t necessarily have to be true – especially if the company provides proper acclimatization of new team members. With every year, awareness about onboarding raises – the process not only makes the first months at the new workplace easier but also increases the possibility to “keep” the employee for a longer period of time.

The first day at a new workplace is exceptionally important for a fresh hire. On the one hand, he feels stressed about the new environment, on the other – he is excited about the new possibilities and challenges ahead. Since the very first day, he develops an opinion about the company, directors, managers and other people with whom he will be meeting every day. 

It so happens that the “first impression” has a huge impact on the employee – that is why many companies use onboarding or the process of gradual acclimatization of a worker in a new work environment. As studies show, over 60 percent of workers who were properly introduced into the company structures, are able to accomplish their first assignments, and more than 90 percent would like to continue their cooperation with the new employer. For comparison: in companies who do not offer onboarding, only 20 percent of employees finalize the assigned objectives, and merely 30 percent want to continue work at the new company. Implementation of such a process in an organization improves the satisfaction of the HR Manager to up to 33 percent – for comparison, this value reaches up to 3 percent in companies in which onboarding has not been implemented.

At BinarApps we make the effort to give a warm welcome to each new member from the very start. How does an onboarding look in our company? 

Before you start a new job

The process of assimilating new employees is well planned. We have prepared a checklist, thanks to which we will not forget about things like sending the questionnaire concerning birthday gift preferences or appointing the initiation presentation with the COO and HR Specialist. The process involves around 7 persons, who are obliged to explain all of the organizational matters, i.e., Admin or Office Assistant, and Buddy, who cares for the psychological comfort of the new members of our team.

First day at work

The first day at a new work is always extremely stressful, which is why in BinarApps new employees start at 11 o’clock. Upon entrance, the new person is greeted by a familiar face –a person from the HR department, who contacted them, employee, during the recruitment stage. Next, the new worker is officially welcomed by the CEO and operating manager and is then guided around the office and introduced to all co-workers. He also gets to know his Buddy or Mentor, meaning someone to whom he will be able to turn to with every doubt or question. 

Let’s not forget about equipping the new hire with “gear” necessary for their work at our company: a new MacBook and other accessories, accesses, and a “welcome pack” containing gadgets with the company logo. The first day is organizational, therefore the schedule involves an onboarding presentation, dining together and gradual implementation into the project.

First Months

At BinarApps, the culture of feedback is very important, which is why we try to accustom our workers by sharing their thoughts about their new job since the very first days. After the first month, the new person has the opportunity to meet his supervisors to make sure that the cooperation is heading in the right direction. 

Another meeting of similar type takes place within 3 months since the beginning of the job. This is an opportunity to receive feedback about (among others) the hire’s satisfaction regarding the assigned tasks or the project, recruitment and onboarding processes, or cooperation with his Mentor/Buddy, or with the project manager. The new worker receives feedback about his work from the team members. 

An important element of talent management is 1 on 1 meetings with the operating manager, organized twice a year. Basing on the hire’s feedback, we are able to control their satisfaction and take care of their development. 

Thanks to the onboarding process, people entering BinarApps do not have to worry about difficult beginnings at a new workplace. Gradual implementation, Buddy’s or Mentor’s support, and our feedback culture makes it easier for new employees to complete the first tasks and encourages them to stay with our organization for longer.

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