How to build highly effective teams? See how do we team-build and integrate at BinarApps!

Igor Dąbrowski

The concepts of empathy, understanding, and diligence are part of our internal climate. What helps us to maintain an uninhibited atmosphere? One of the answers is the integration events.

The history of BinarApps implies good and transparent communication in the firm. It was created by friends, and now, for over 5 years, we remain the team of friends who love to spend time together. The question is clear: how to support an atmosphere of trust, optimism, and desire to make breathtaking things? We will share the experience in employees’ comfort, ideas for events and the last BinarApps integration – the great trip to the picturesque places, kayaking and grilling.

  • It’s normal to wear slippers at the work – the most important is the comfort of employees and engagement to projects.
  • It’s normal to work remotely if it is more comfortable for you.
  • It’s normal to share your ideas and implement them in life.

Sharing ideas and communication is the thing that opens new horizons to all spheres of development. The initiative for the new events comes from the heart of the team – everybody could take part in the discussion, present their own vision of anything, including the integration events or teambuilding activity.

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The team of volunteers who want to implement a bundle of ideas always consists of people with diverse interests and professions: testers, marketers, developers, etc. Needless to say, humor, a positive attitude, and initiatives are really important for every firm event.


Kayaking, in the case of the summer BinarApps integration, appeared to be incredible activity for the BinarApps team. Spending time among raging waters together, and help each other when somebody is stuck on rocks, is a real chance to bond and get closer with each other. Watch the video from our recent large event.

We were impressed, we recommend it 🙂

Let’s celebrate the Fries day

Here are some ideas for spending time together in the firm community, which are the regular practices in BinarApps for 5 years.

non-typical celebrations

Are you sure that World Pizza or Fries days make no sense? Such strange and funny occasions could significantly strengthen the community. There is a new Apple presentation? Why not meet after work and watch it together in the office – for the ones who are interested, of course?

firm occasions

B-day of the firm, Christmas or another occasion which are important dates for everyone is a great reason to make a pleasant event.

engaging the family

Your family is always welcome on the board of BinarApps. What matters to you makes value for your firm too.

conferences, workshops

Each employee of Binarapps has a budget and paid time to spend on self-improvement. Joint trips also create memories and bring us all together.

sports, charity and eco-friendly activities

Sport and charity activities could also be a part of integration: BinarApps employees organize basketball and football turners, raising money or important staff for low-income families, take part in marathons and other great events. It is important to support the initiatives of employees and make an effort to help people around us or protect the environment.

What is power?

The biggest strength of BinarApps are people – the atmosphere they create in the firm, their engagement, and ideas. The role of integration events is just sustaining a positive attitude and improving relations. That is why a will to spend some time together and have fun within the company has for sure be supported by the management. Events, integration trips or conferences help to create an engaged and strong team consisting of good-feeling and happy individuals.

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