How to build an effective development team? Creation of a team based on FRIS® methodologies

Michalina Piorun

The FRIS® psychological profiling is checked and approved by BinarApps. We use the tool for increasing the understanding inside the teams, creating harmonious and optimal teams, where everybody is in the right place.

The diversity of minds in the firm helps to consider the problem from various sides. The FRIS® model of thinking and acting precisely showed the difference in BinarApps and powers of each of us. People who have different talents, knowledge, and life priorities, set up a team and work side by side in software house BinarApps to bring innovative solutions in the IT world. 

What is FRIS®  and why is FRIS®? 

FRIS® is a tool for describing the diversity of ways of thinking and acting. 

There are 4 types of thinking and acting, and each type sees the world in a different light. Thanks to the various perspectives, each person is irreplaceable at a particular stage of the working process. The сommon effort of visioners, thinkers, sprinters, and partners in one team makes the work effective and coherent. The team, in which by a fortunate chance the 4 styles joined their forces to solve the problem, will be truly effective and optimal. Or creating the team in that way it is not a chance? 

Visionaries are responsible for the start of the project and innovations, sprinters are great in implementing projects into life. Thinkers will perfectly analyze and plan the steps, and partners are irreplaceable in creating a great atmosphere. They know how to communicate with people and how to inspire everybody around them. 

In short, there are 4 reasons why FRIS® appeared to be a great tool for BinarApps which brings our communication and effectiveness in the firm to the next level. 


  • builds a harmonious and effective team
  • helps to understand others better
  • makes the cooperation more effective
  • encourages self-discovering. 

1st Why. Building A Harmonious And Effective Team

In a balanced and effective team, there have to be representatives of the 4 FRIS®  styles: visionary, thinker, sprinter, and partner. At the team, which is built according to FRIS model, will always be a bright-eyed person who is fabulous at a particular stage. FRIS®  gives a clear understanding of natural predispositions, talents, and acquired skills. It gives rise to develop in a field, which is perfect for an individual. 

2nd why. Understanding Others Better

The fact of diversity gives room for reflection: thanks to FRIS methodology we create the more complete picture of relationships, analyze our behaviors and motives of others deeper. 

What is more pleasant: to cooperate with a stranger or with your close friend, whose values and attitude to life are familiar to you? FRIS opens important characteristics without any intimate details. It helps to get to know each other closer and reach an agreement on any matter.  

3d why. Improvement Of Cooperation

In BinarApps, everybody knows their FRIS® style after сompletion the test and a workshop – it is what helps to upgrade communication in teams. FRIS teaches to respect other types and communicate in the right way and gives precious tips on communication with visioners, thinkers, sprinters, and partners. 

Newcomers have not to be an exception. In the near future, BinarApps will implement FRIS® to the stage of recruiting. For a person who is joining the team, it is easier to get acclimated to new surroundings. Thanks to FRIS® styles, which are available for everybody in a company, newcomer knows others like old friends even at the start of a career at a new place, and this reduces stress and brings comfort.

4th why. Self-discovering 

The FRIS® model cannot assess personal skills, character and intellectual abilities. It shows the most natural style of thinking and acting for each person, and determines the 4 cognitive perspectives: facts, relations, ideas, and structures. These measures define what has the highest priority for you, especially in new situations. The understanding of your features and strong suits, style of behavior and thinking may deepen knowledge about yourself.  

FRIS® is a tremendous boon to both employer and employee, which makes the cooperation more pleasant, and process – more effective. Clear communication, developing soft skills and personality, and building a team is just a small piece of the possibilities which provides the FRIS® investigation. The list of positive effects could be continued, and we will open many more ways of improving with the help of FRIS®!

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