Feedback and then what? How feedback helps in creating better software solutions.

Michalina Piorun

The word ‘feedback’ seems like a magic spell that makes everyone work their best. However, the way feedback gets delivered varies. What to do to make it more than just an empty word? Here’s what you can expect from BinarApps when it comes to giving and receiving feedback!

What is feedback to us? The way we see it at BinarApps, it’s a two-way flow. One action needs response if we want another action to happen. In the context of our everyday work, we send the information about our behaviors at work to each other so we can reflect on it. Then – if there’s a need for it – we can make adjustments for better results. This applies to projects and our general approach in the workspace.

To put it simply: feedback exists so there is no important information left unnoticed. Without it, we open the door for miscommunication and it’s the primary source of companies’ problems.

Before you join BinarApps…

Since we treat the recruitment process as a conversation, we give and ask for feedback the moment we start talking about your future at BinarApps!

Before your interview, you’ll be asked to take the Belbin test. The test shows a few typical figures that occur in every project team. It’s voluntary but we do encourage you to take it! It’s an easy way to get to know you a little better before we talk. It’s a good conversation starter about your potential future team. Breaking the ice also means you get an inside into your potential future team because you can ask which Belbin type is the most dominant in our work environment. 

You’ll also receive a short presentation about our company’s culture to get a glimpse into how we operate on a day to day basis. 

After the first interview, you’ll receive an email about the impression you’ve made. We’re open to hearing from you about our approach – what did you like, what could use improvement, and if there are any questions that you still need to be answered. 

The interview process usually takes two meetings. Between the two of them, you’re welcome to provide us with feedback on matters you find the most important. Don’t hesitate to voice your opinion about the materials you’ve received. 

…and after you join BinarApps

The importance of feedback doesn’t stop the moment you step foot in our office! Your first weeks at BinarApps are going to be filled with feedback. 

First, you’re going to have a buddy and a mentor. Buddy is there to help you with everyday tasks while the mentor will provide you with insight into what your career path at BinarApps could be like. Both of them can provide you with feedback on how you’re doing but they’re also there to listen to your concerns. Don’t hold back from talking to them!

You’ll also take the FRIS test. It’s a way for us to build teams inside of BinarApps and a way to better understand each other. The analysis shows us what kind of approach we should take when we give feedback to different members of our team. There’s no one fixed way of delivering feedback, so we put emphasis on getting to know each other through FRIS workshops.

If you’d like to know more about FRIS, you can read about it here on how to build an effective development team.

We will ask you about your experience to make sure you’re doing ok! Quick meetups will be held after your first week, first month, and six months after you’ve joined. 

When it comes to work, every department and team has its own way of providing feedback. It usually happens during daily meetups. Projects conducted through the agile development method (the majority of projects at BinarApps) leave a lot of space for discussion. Every iteration ends up with a feedback session among the team and the Client. It’s necessary to figure out the next step. 

Once in a while, we ask everyone at BinarApps to fill out a survey about the general atmosphere at BinarApps. You can anonymously say how you feel about working with us, praise or criticize when necessary. 

Our board puts extra effort into keeping everyone updated about the current workflow at BinarApps. You can expect newsletters delivered in various formats, from Slack messages to vlogs!

Lastly, our favorite way of providing feedback is the Pig! It’s a monthly event where we share nice thoughts about each other by dropping thank you cards into a piggy bank. Then we gather in the kitchen, read the anonymous messages, and eat candy. After all, there’s no feedback like positive feedback!

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