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How to build Progressive Web Apps in React?

Progressive Web Applications is a concept that has long remained in the sphere of Steve Jobs’ dreams. Initially, they were supposed to be the flagship app type […]

Marlena Walburg
Website vs Web Application - what are the differences

Website vs Web Application – What are the Differences?

If you’re a business owner, chances are that you’re going to develop a website or an app for your company some time in the future. Here you’ll […]

Aleksandra Rajczyk

What is a Native Mobile App? What’s worth knowing?

There are several approaches to choose from when developing mobile applications. Choosing the best option for your project often makes you dizzy, and questions like: what does […]

Marlena Walburg

Mobile architecture – what are the types?

It’s hard to disagree that good mobile application architecture is the foundation of any well-designed software. The design of such architecture will depend on many factors, such […]

Marlena Walburg

Swift design patterns – which are the most popular?

Finding universal solutions to problems, and templates for widespread use in such cases is probably the domain of every field. Hence, a design pattern is a term […]

Marlena Walburg

Native vs Hybrid apps – Which are better?

The answer to the question of how to gain interest and attract potential customers to your brand seems to be trivial at a time when we are […]

Marlena Walburg
App Designing Process- How to Design a Good App-

App Designing Process: How to Design a Good App?

The appearance of the application is something that we see first and immediately evaluate it subconsciously. So it’s no surprise that there is a huge emphasis on […]

Marlena Walburg

Best Practices in Mobile App Development

The whole world went mobile. This is an unstoppable process. No matter if you want to stay relevant as a brand or just facilitate your company’s everyday […]

Marlena Walburg
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