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Coworking space: is it worth it? Pros and cons, forecasts and advice

Hackerspace, co-working, flex space, shared space, incubator, and flexible office space: there are a lot of different types and names but such places meet the same demands: […]

Igor Dąbrowski

International cooperation: 5 benefits of having a remote tech team

A local team of programmers or a foreign one? Tough choice. What are the pros and cons of cooperation with a foreign company and how to decide? […]

Igor Dąbrowski

Current Tech Trends in the Information Technology Industry

Just last year, there were tons of incredible technological advancements that changed the game for the development and IT industry. And now, at the outset of 2019, […]

Igor Dąbrowski

BinarApps Rebranding – Case Study

What do you feel when you look at the BinarApps’ logo? We want to share a result of the growth of BinarApps with you. In this case […]

Igor Dąbrowski
New member of board BinarApps

Why hiring only one developer is a bad idea?

Working with a software house is a guarantee of cooperation with experts in all areas, that make up the success. A single developer can rarely provide it. […]

Igor Dąbrowski

2017 summary in technology

BinarApps for New Marketing, December 2017 1. The greatest success in 2017 Artificial Intelligence hasn’t weeded us out so far, we are still needed 😉 More seriously: […]

Igor Dąbrowski

The anti-guide. Eight ways to drown your own startup (part 1)

You’re starting to develop your app: you’ve got an idea, you have thought through the business model, you are doing pretty well. And now the moment comes: […]

Igor Dąbrowski
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