Aug 24, 2016

Women In Technology comes to Łódź!

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Women in Technology is an organization for women who work in technology or create them as a hobby, located in couple of cities all over Poland. Their aim is to meet (kind of) regularly in their free time to exchange experiences, knowledge, skills and opinions. And now the time has come for Łódź! I have a pleasure of introducing the organization to our beautiful, full of smart women city. 

Why do we need WIT?

The group started off in 2009, when a small group of girlfriends from Warsaw, working in IT jobs realized how stereotypically and unfair they were treated. Women are in a vast minority in technical jobs, and because of that, are looked at differently. And so they met, to break the stereotypes, to mutually build an opinion that a woman can be a passionate and can be an outstanding expert in technical fields of business. Firstly they met only in Warsaw, but then the idea has spread - in 2013 Women In Technology has moved in to Wroclaw, then in 2014 to Gliwice, Katowice, and Cracow. This year even more cities has felt the need to organize such meetings: Poznań, Lublin and now, Łódź. The growth of interest in WiT means one thing: there’s a need for such organization. 

What can you get from WIT?

During the regular or irregular meetings women from all technical fields can get to know each other, inspire, support and teach one another. The meetings are usually informal - there’s time for speeches, presentations, demonstrations, introductions. We talk about programming in general but sometimes also focus on a specific technology, we talk about soft skills that are absolutely required in every kind of technical job, we give each other tips and hacks, inspirations and ideas, generally we talk about everything IT-related and how to get it to work with us.

But there’s more! Women In Technology with its network of connections and sponsors provide us with super cool and FREE workshops for (not only) women. On those workshops you will have an opportunity to learn a new technology or improve already-known one, see simulations and create some yourself, improve your soft and hard skills.

OK, but what if you’re a man?

Although events that we organize under the banner of Women In Technology are addressed mainly to women, men are also welcome there :) The one condition is that you have to be interested in IT world. In spite of the fact that events are organized by women, it doesn’t mean we are closed for anyone. The public on our meetings and workshops is always a mix and men are often our speakers and mentors.

Women In Technology Łódź is looking for you!

After student holidays - meaning at the end of September or beginning of October - first Lodz meetings are starting off! If you’re interested in meeting other IT people, broadening your knowledge, improving your skills - please stay tuned for more information at:

Łódź WIT FB groupOfficial site and Official FB fanpage

If you’re a speaker and wish to spread your ideas, experiences and/or knowledge, please contact us at [email protected] with your presentation suggestion.