Jun 28, 2016

Rails Girls Łódź 2016 review

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Rails Girls is a global, self-organized movement to help get women into IT technologies and teach them programming. It’s goal is to show that anyone - not only men - can have fun while coding. Four specialists from Binar::Apps were mentors at this year’s edition. 

This year’s edition was great! The format has changed a bit - there were only two trainees assigned to a mentor instead of three - I believe this is a step in the right direction, since it allowed us to be more focused and teach a little bit better. The participants were, as always, awesome - attentive and eager to learn, and it’s a really great feeling as a teacher to see your students catch up so quickly they finish your sentences.

Rails Girls can change your life

The event took place in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Łódź. We were sitting all together in a classroom, and the atmosphere was great - if a bit loud. There were also contests for participants were they could win books about programming and a lot of other nice gadgets. About halfway through the day we’ve listened to some presentations. There were two inspiring talks about how Rails Girls can change your life :)

Near the end of the event we’ve had a short Skype call with Houston - who were starting their event - and the people there even learned how to say „Łódź” ;)

Go Girls!

It’s great that programming is more and more open to women as well - and we’re happy to help and share what we know to prove anyone can learn to code.