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The Basics of SMS Sending

There are plenty of dazzling features we implement in modern web apps. Usually it’s social media integration, sometimes crawlers gathering information from other sites. But there’s one feature that is often overlooked in small projects – even when it’s widely used in bigger ones. I’m talking about text message sending.
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Handling Barcodes in Rails App

Recently we have had two projects where we needed to generate barcodes based on the particular numbers that were stored by our Ruby on Rails application. To get things working we did the first thing that would come to anyone’s mind – search for a gem to do that. The problem is, there are not many gems that offer such funcionality. There few that we found were outdated (barcode-generator – last commit 3 years ago, rghost-barcode – last commit 3 years ago). But then we encountered barby – last commit 19 days ago.
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Accessing Rails Api From C++ [Part 1: Get Request]

During my work I have encountered a need to communicate between an application written in Ruby on Rails and a C++ desktop application (written using QT framework). While creating the communication code I ran into several problems and solving them took me a lot of time. That’s why I want to show some tricks and save your time :) Instead of creating one big blog post I’ve decided to divide it into parts. In the first part I’ll cover the basic GET requests.
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