Dec 19, 2019

Lodz Ruby User Group #45: UUID, STI and API, oh my!

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Artur Rapalski
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Ruby on Rails 6.0.1 has come out very recently. What could be a better way of celebration than a meetup? Łódź Ruby User Group is here to give you space to talk about your favorite programming language!

As usual, we’ve met in the heart of Piotrkowska street after working hours. LRUG is not only a tech meetup; we like to keep things simple, so for us it’s also a chance to catch up with friends from the IT world and grab a beer or two (alcohol-free option and soft drinks are always available).

STI is your friend

Damian Kampik (u2i)

Damian Kampik came to Łódź all the way from Kraków! He is a profesional developer and one of the organizers of KRUG, so he isn’t new to the art of public speaking. This time he prepared a presentation „On the other side of ActiveRecord: How do you squeeze more out of STI?” STI (Single Table Inheritance) can greatly optimize the code. Damian shared the all-time truth that the length of the string is important and provided an example: a code for a car company that took very little space thanks to smart usage of SPI. Optimization means less bugs, less bugs make clients happier and developers become a little less sleep deprived.

Damian Kampik LRUG 45

The joys of UUID

Paweł Urbanek (MotimateApp)

Paweł Urbanek, a seasoned developer and blogger based in Łódź, wanted to show us why UUID is cool. Sounds unlikely? Well, at least give it a chance! UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) is a random string in a predefined format. According to Paweł, it can be used to create URLs that effectively hide public information, it decreases the amount of security loopholes in your code and gives more freedom to frontend developers. Explore these options as you please. In the meantime, we’re waiting for Rails 6.0.2 where Paweł had a humble yet relevant contribution! You can read more about it on his blog.

Paweł Urbanek LRUG 45

How to stop worrying and learn to love API integration

Piotr Kochowicz (BinarApps)

Here at BinarApps, we recently tackled the problem of API integration for one of our clients. Piotr Kochowicz learned a lot from this project. One of the things is that API integration… isn’t so bad after all.

The biggest barrier was „translating the code ours”, meaning that the programming language was slightly different from what we’re used to. Should we power through the problems without voicing our concerns? According to Piotr, that path leads to nowhere. Admitting ignorance is not a mistake or a weakness. Asking questions is what makes work easier on everyone. Developers shouldn’t be afraid to communicate with clients, especially when it means gaining knowledge. After all, code made differently is an opportunity to learn something new.

Finally, Piotrek recommended reading Marshall B. Rosenberg’s books about nonviolent communication. It’s on our reading list for 2020!

Piotr Kochowicz LRUG 45

Into the new decade

Are you passionate about Ruby? Joins us on the next meetup in January. If you’d like to present, contact [email protected]

Let’s start the roaring 20s with a bang!