Nov 27, 2014

Last Days in the Old Office

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Adam Przymusiała
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After two years spent in an old cinema on the first floor of the Prexer building, it’s time to move on to the next level and set up office near the main street of our city :)

During our residence in these walls – previously occupied by the Cytryna cinema – our team’s size has quadrupled (from 5 to 20 people) and thanks to that we can handle all the challenges given to us by the clients not only from Poland, but also from UK, USA and Australia.

During the preparations for moving, we found some photos from the first days on Pomorska Street, when the main room looked like this:

Today it’s difficult to fit another desk in there:

In a few days we will reminisce our friends from “Topografie” Society with whom we’ve shared our internet connection, the fuse box which was better left untouched ;) and all the LRUGs organized in our office with nostalgia…

...and also all those unfortunate drivers illegally parking in front of the building (who later spent a long time looking for someone with a key to the chain :) ).

We hope that moving over to Piotrowska 99 Street will be another milestone for us, just like registering BinarApps in January this year when we were switching focus to creating Ruby on Rails application for our clients.