Mar 28, 2019

BinarApps Rebranding

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Dominik Koślin
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What do you feel when you look at the BinarApps' logo? We want to share a result of the growth of BinarApps with you. In this case study, you can retrace the process of creating the new BinarApps visual identity. Here you will find the meaning of colors and typography, explore our message and just admire the aesthetic of shapes, color palette, and usage.

Research direction

A logo is a face and a flag of each company. This is the reason why we have so scrupulous approach while defining the values which our new logo is illustrating. Values which have the prime importance for us are expressed in a visual form to get out a message in a nonverbal way.

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Colors and typography

Devotion, loyalty, creativity. Energy and dynamic innovation. What could blue and violet colors say? The Color Palette of company identification could characterize company and its purposes, describe communication and image. Chosen fonts are ideal to make a text harmonious, but dynamic at the same tiime, and perfectly conjoins smoothly with our logo.

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Use cases

The most important graphic element - our logo - is created to be unique and cross-functional, so it could be used for any identification we need, in any place and any time. The logomark independently fulfills functions as well with or without the logotype.

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A website is one of the first experiences of communication between a client and a company. That is why it should be easy in use, intuitive and good looking. Pleasant colors and design of BinarApps website combine the useful and the pleasant - functionality and aesthetic.

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