Feb 03, 2015

5 Sites That Will Help You Become a Better Rubyist

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Programming isn’t only a matter of doing your job. I see it as a never-ending quest for self-improvement. You need to keep up with news not only about security issues, but also diverse concepts and new solutions, which help you to become better and better and understand more about what you do.

In the age of the Internet, it is easier than ever. There are many sources of information, more or less valuable, but each of them can give you good perspectives or ideas to work with.

These are my top 5 places to look for what’s new in Ruby:


giant robots smashing into other giant robots

You probably know this place already. Or you know the people behind this place – the thoughtbot team. You probably know some of their gems – shoulda-matcherspaperclip, or factory-girl.

What can you find there? Well… everything. Some general concepts about programming and testing, mostly described in details, but even if not – you can dig deeper by yourself.

Ryan Bates’ Railscasts

It’s hard not to mention that gentleman when writing a post like this. Ryan provides us with tutorials on working with Rails, in the form of screencasts, showing – and talking about – everything in detail.

If you don’t like the idea of screencast, as it may be time-consuming, or if Ryan’s voice annoys you (can it really be a matter?), each episode is also available in the textualized form of ASCIIcast. Pretty neat, right? ;)

Not all casts are available for free, though, but I think that all of them are worth taking a while to ponder with.

Sadly, his site isn’t up-to-date since June 2013… I seriously hope he’ll be back soon.

Author's note: All of the Railscasts (even PRO and Revised) are now available for free via Railscasts Reloaded youtube channel.

Feeds & Newsletters


I bet that you also already met with Envy Labs – for example while taking some of Codeschool’s courses (some of them are available for free). Their team runs Ruby5 – a great source of news, ideas and information related to RoR, but not only RoR. Provided as a podcast with links to sources. Updated twice a week. Worth taking a peek from time to time.

Green Ruby News

Simplicity and good looks. A collection of links to what’s new. Fun feature – a list of some gems updated last week.

Author's note: Sadly, as of 4th of June, 2017, the Green Ruby News ceased to exist. The archives are still listed on the site, so you still have access to vast amounts of valuable knowledge.

Ruby Weekly

A newsletter, working also as a website, linking to many interesting articles. Updated every Thursday. One e-mail a week shouldn’t be considered as spam, and with such content… Wow! There are even job offers, if you happen to be searching for any right now.


Coding Horror

Jeff Atwood’s blog. He is one of co-founders of Stack Exchange, mainly. He recently (say… a few years ago) started to work with Ruby. Why is he placed on this list? Because I’m the one writing this list :). Also because of his great style, and his approach to programming, life and writing. His posts are fun to read, and happen to be thought-provoking, be it some social stuff, tech talk, writing code or all of the above in one post. If he’s not the best, he’s one of the best. I enjoy reading it in my free time – and I bet you’ll also start to.

Last but not least – check out our blog, too! We do our best to provide you with quality content on regular basis.

And one more thing – this is a list of my personal favorites. If you want to share your favorite sources of information, feel free to do it in the comments section below. Every input is appreciated!