Blockchain Business Meetup Lodz #6 – How blockchain technology affects our lives

Igor Dąbrowski

In our dynamic and fast-changing world, we have to catch opportunities for self-development. Particularly as there is a lot of going on around us. To help to keep developers, designers, and startups on the top, BinarApps organizes meetups and meetings for knowledge updating and ideas sharing.

The participants of Lodz Ruby User Group, Blockchain Business Lodz, and Open Coffee will confirm: meetups are a place where every passionate of technology will benefit from attending. What advantages do meetups bring?

  • help to find inspiration
  • find people holding the different views
  • update knowledge
  • ideas sharing
  • networking

This is the 6th time when Blockchain Business Lodz has showed how does blockchain technology affects and changes our lives.

Blockchain and business: the case study of IvyKoin

Bartosz Robaszewski (CEO of Look4App)

Bartosz Robaszewski IvyKoin Case Study Presentatio

Bartosz Robaszewski started the Blockchain Business Lodz #6 with his thoughts about the future of blockchain and the case study of IvyKoin. How did the IvyKoin gain almost 20 million dollars in a stage of ICO? What guarantees the security and stableness of blockchain? You will have an opportunity to watch the presentation soon.

Blockchain at the service of mankind

Paweł Lewiński (Scrum Master, PM of Everest in BinarApps)

Paweł Lewiński

There are 2.6 Billion people unbanked, 1.1 Billion without identity, and 5 Billion without a smartphone. Blockchain and projects like Everest are aimed to solve such problems. Everest is a decentralized platform which is aimed to struggle with poverty in the world, especially in Samoa and Indonesia, with the help of Blockchain technology. Paweł Lewinski presented the project and described the process of project execution.

5 ways of using personal tokens today

Szczepan Bentyn (Personal Tokens)

Szczepan Bentyn Personal Tokens

Influencer, author of books about cryptocurrency, CEO of “Pracownia nowych technologii” and the inventor of Personal tokens – Szczepan Bentyn – presented the 5 ways of using personal tokens. Education? Self-estimation and engagement? How to develop your brand with the help of personal cryptocurrency? The answers you will find in the presentation.

Thanks to the time and efforts of participants, speakers, and organizers, the event was as always useful for everyone.
We invite you to the 7th edition of Łódź Blockchain Business on 18 November 2019, see you!

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