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Data warehouse cost comparison

There is no business without data. Many companies could not function without having the information extracted from the collected and analysed data. Virtually every company must gather […]

Marlena Walburg

Software Test Estimation Techniques

Software testing is an essential process in the whole development cycle, and it should not only be appropriately conducted but also regularly at various development stages.  It […]

Marlena Walburg

Application Management Outsourcing Services

Caring, monitoring and updating applications after their development and release is equally critical as the development itself. Some businesses may not have such an opportunity to do […]

Marlena Walburg

Risk data quality assessment

Project management consists of many elements that may seem complicated if you do not deal with it daily, or its quantity seems overwhelming. The point is that […]

Marlena Walburg

The State of JS – Frontend Development Trends

The software development industry is dynamically changing and improving. The frontend development alone is a field where developers, designers and involved team members should constantly observe new […]

Marlena Walburg

Difference between AngularJS and ReactJS

The debate over whether to choose AngularJS or ReactJS seems to be still alive. In fact, Google and Facebook often compete with each other, having many alternatives […]

Marlena Walburg
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