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Benefits of Human Resource management system

Managing human resources gets more complicated, especially when new people join your company and even routine tasks become a challenge. If you want to be efficient, maintain […]

Inez Bartosińska

Difference between QA and Software Testing

Quality Assurance and Software Testing are often confused, and even though they seem to be the same thing, those two concepts have different objectives, specific features and […]

Inez Bartosińska

Best practices for SKU Management

Software testing is an essential process in the whole development cycle, and it should not only be Inventory management is an integral part of running an eCommerce […]

Inez Bartosińska

Ruby on Rails Content Management System

The first problem you will face while creating a website of any kind is choosing a CMS system. Having a website with a multitude of interesting functionalities […]

Inez Bartosińska

Peer to Peer Marketplace – All You Need to Know

The software development industry is dynamically changing and improving. The frontend development Peer-to-peer marketplaces gain more popularity among customers and sellers. Why has this business model gained […]

Inez Bartosińska
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