Application Management Outsourcing Services

Marlena Walburg

Caring, monitoring and updating applications after their development and release is equally critical as the development itself. Some businesses may not have such an opportunity to do it on their own for numerous reasons like lack of proper skills or infrastructure, not being technology-oriented organizations and more. Fortunately, currently, existing solutions allow companies to outsource application maintenance to an external service provider. The AMO model is a popular approach. Many companies rely on such services. Why? Here is the answer. 

What is application management outsourcing?

First of all, let us remind you what outsourcing itself is. Outsourcing consists of assigning and committing to external entities, such as other companies, tasks that were previously performed by employees of a given enterprise or in which the enterprise does not specialize. Therefore, application management outsourcing (AMO) is a kind of service that covers the overall management, maintenance and support of the app provided by an external partner. Such a service covers a wide range of activities to ensure the proper and efficient operation and meet the current business needs. Application management outsourcing AMO may include scaling the application and extending it with new functionalities, managing improvements, updates, monitoring and troubleshooting, application user support, application technical support, performance management, and more. This approach has numerous advantages that are not limited to cost savings alone. Application management outsourcing allows you to access specialists faster and more conveniently and freely scale up or down the outsourcing team, does not require additional infrastructure, will enable you to focus on other business goals and company development, offers broad access to methodology, application management processes and technologies. It is cost-effective, value-driven, saves time and reduces risk. Thanks to AMO, organizations from various industries can get high-quality support, customer service enhancement, technology improvement and app security. 

What is AMO (application management outsourcing) software?

AMO software is a type of software as a service (SaaS) that supports application management by replacing some manual operations with automation. It can be an alternative to external outsourcing specialists for application management tasks. However, it should be remembered that AMO solutions still require daily support and monitoring by a specialist who knows business needs and development plans and will implement changes and administer this tool. Application management outsourcing software is gaining popularity all the time. It can have various functions like regular backup, troubleshooting, and updating the app.

What is AMO in a company?

AMO services can take many forms depending on the needs of a given organization. It does not always mean that all tasks are handed over to an external vendor. Application management outsourcing can only cover part of the process. Thus, depending on the scale of services, outsourcing can be divided into comprehensive and selective. Overall, as the name implies, it means that the service provider assumes responsibility for the complete maintenance of the application and all related operations. It may also provide advice on improving, optimizing or extending the application. Selective outsourcing covers a selected aspect of application management. Additionally, it is worth knowing that depending on the vendor’s location, we distinguish onshoring, nearshoring and offshoring. The first model means outsourcing to a company from the same country that you are based. Nearshoring is when the vendor is from a neighbouring country or within your time zone. The latter describes outsourcing to a company from a different continent or time zone. Nearshoring and offshoring are very often the most cost-effective choices but it is not always the rule. 


If your business needs additional support with applications maintenance, AMO can be a really sensible choice. You can enhance your digital strategy with outsourced services without very high additional costs. Application outsourcing removes the challenges of technical assistance for applications from businesses while leaving the most significant impact on app extension direction. Hence, if you search for an AMO vendor, it is wise to do some research, check the services offered and the portfolio of your potential partner. Be sure that your maintenance team will address all your needs.

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