7 tips on how to choose an outsourcing partner for software development

Aleksandra Rajczyk

You’ve decided to develop your app with an outsourced team? Great choice! Now check this easy guide on how to choose a software development company that’s right for your needs.

The affordability of outsourcing software development projects is tempting but don’t count your savings just yet. Instead of going for the most budget-friendly option on the market, dedicate some time to research outsourcing software development companies and choose the one that best suits your app. 

Here is a basic, step by step guide on how to properly research your potential IT software outsourcing company:

1. Check the company’s track record

This one goes without saying: find out more about the previous projects of your potential software projects outsourcing companies. The easiest way to do this is by looking for reviews on professional platforms, i.e., This is the easiest way to instantly verify if your offshore partner has experience in delivering the required software outsourcing services at the scale of your business needs. You can do this without contacting the software outsourcing firm you’re interested in.

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2. Look into what kind of outsourcing services they provide

“Software development outsourcing services” is sort of an umbrella term. There are different types of outsourcing and the more flexible the company is in providing them, the better. See if you can hire entire teams, specific developers, services other than software development outsourcing, etc. 

3. Research the people behind the brand

Social media is a powerful tool. Use it wisely and check (discreetly!) how the upper management present themselves online. A brief look into their profiles on apps such as Linkedin will give you an insight into what kind of software project outsourcing agents you’d be working with when outsourcing custom software development.  

4. Get to know the company a little better

This may seem like a non-issue, but to successfully outsource software development, it’s worth looking into your future outsourcing partner’s goals and values. You can check if you have the same business objectives. Understanding their point of view will help you in negotiations. This is especially important if there are cultural differences between you and the company; you’ll make sure that their work ethic is well-aligned with yours. 

5. Ask for references

There’s no better marketing than positive word-of-mouth – a serious software outsourcing company is aware of that. If the first conversation goes well, ask the company for reference contacts (2 or 3 should be sufficient). Talking to their customers can give you first-hand information about whether it’s worth outsourcing your web application development to them.

6. Get code samples

If the company isn’t bound by NDAs, ask for specific code samples from projects that seem similar to yours. It’s even better when you can see code from the developers that will work on your app. As they say, the proof is in the pudding: technical incompetence can’t hide in the code. 

7. Pay your software outsourcing business a visit

If it’s within your reach, never hesitate to visit your business partner’s headquarters! Creating a good relationship is mostly based on face-to-face meetings. The current global situation isn’t the best for bonding and making friends, but once it goes back to normal, make sure that you have time in your calendar to see your partner’s technological background with your own eyes. 

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