10 Benefits of Using ReactJS

Marlena Walburg

Great chances are that you’ve come across the term ReactJS. It is one of the most widely used open-source JavaScript libraries to help build efficient web applications. It is mainly used to create UI components or entire user interfaces. ReactJS was developed by the Facebook engineer software and is still supported by the company today. The promotion of such a giant is not without significance for building trust in ReactJS, which seems to be very strong. This extremely popular library has many advantages not only for developers but also for business. This is mainly due to the facilities ReactJS can introduce to the app development process. No wonder it is widely adored and used.

10 benefits of using ReactJS

  1. Easy to learn
    This aspect is especially important for new programmers, but in the long run also for businesses that want to grow their own in-house development team. Learning ReactJS, compared to other technologies of this type, is considered a simpler and more enjoyable process. By mastering ReactJS, you can start building highly responsive applications in no time. It allows you to easily view and study the functions of developing mobile and web applications without imposing any patterns, templates, or architecture. It has built-in formulas and functions that can be combined to create effective designs in less time than it would take to create code line by line. Knowing JavaScript syntax can be useful, and most often, JS developers research ReactJS, but it is not a necessity.
  2. Ensures faster rendering and good performance
    The introduction of Virtual DOM by Facebook developers has made React JS one of the more effective and less burdened technological solutions for application development. The DOM (Document Object Model) has a large impact on the potential load on the application due to its structure. DOM methods allow programmatic access to the tree, and with them, you can change the structure, style, or content of a document. Since the DOM of modern websites is huge, updates can take a long time, slowing the overall performance of the web application. The browser regularly checks for any changes to the DOM and updates it accordingly. The change may be caused by user input, inquiry, data receipt, etc. The browser updates the DOM every time a change occurs. The use of a Virtual DOM, which is smaller, and can be updated quickly, has a very positive effect on application performance. Only after interaction between the website and the virtual DOM is the actual DOM updated. The result is providing a better user experience, higher performance, and great efficiency.
  1. Facilitates writing components
    Among the useful functions of ReactJS are also those that visualize what is happening in the JavaScript code that operates on graphical interfaces. I’m talking about JSX. This is an optional JavaScript syntax extension with the ability to insert tags, which makes it much easier to write your own components. It also helps React display a more useful error and warning information, accepts HTML quoting, and makes it easy to render subcomponents. In practice, it’s a set of shortcuts for writing “React elements” with a few rules to keep your code cleaner and simpler.
  2. Allows code reusability
    ReactJS supports the creation of reusable components. Once created, such a UI element can be used in other parts of your code, in various other projects, sometimes with little or no change. It is also connected with the possibility of using free libraries of ready-made components. It also positively influences the key business features, i.e. saving time and money thanks to the lack of the need to write everything from scratch.
  1. Boost productivity
    React JS is known to facilitate efficient programming due to its structure, syntax and additional tools. For example, reuse of components features, mentioned above, is a great time saver and allows focusing on introducing additional improvements or expanding the application. All components have their own internal logic, which makes them easy to manipulate and define. Besides, an extensive library of components provides ready-made, often used solutions at the developer’s disposal. The modular code also makes it easier for you to make changes that will not interfere with the operation of the entire app. This is a big advantage in the context of the future application maintenance and updating process.
  2. Robust community
    Reactjs is still powered by Facebook since it was launched. The library is regularly updated and improved. A community has gathered around ReactJS that is eager to share knowledge and support. Besides, various experts also publish tutorials and entries about ReactJS. The support of such a strong company on the market and an extensive community makes ReactJS a trustworthy, advanced technological solution.
  3. SEO friendly
    This feature is extremely useful due to the current trends. JavaScript frameworks are usually not very SEO friendly, and web applications lose the position in search engines with optimized pages. The ability to respond to common problems with search engines is another advantage of using the React JS framework. It enables developers to create engaging user interfaces that can be easily browsed through various search engines.
  1. Downward data flow offers a more stable code
    There are many ways to limit errors in your code, and framework and library developers are well aware of this. In the case of ReactJS, one of the processes that help with this is a one-way flow of data, also known as downward data flow. This means that data is transferred between items in ReactJS only one way. As a result, developers gain additional support in debugging and bug prevention.
  2. Great developer toolset
    ReactJS has many advantages that have made it such a good reputation. The helpful React Developer Tools set also contributed to this. It is a browser extension, originally designed for Chrome, intended to help ensure performance and functionality. It allows developers to observe reactive component hierarchies, discover child and parent components, and check their current status and properties.
  3.  Widely used and popular
    ReactJS is a popular choice also among well-known global brands. Successfully implemented applications, or websites of companies such as Airbnb, Tesla, Netflix, and others prove that you can achieve a lot with this technology.

Examples of use ReactJS

Thousands of companies around the world have chosen ReactJS. It is used by Fortune 500 companies, exciting startups and probably by lots of companies you know. Here are some notable examples:


Originally, Airbnb was just a website with growing traffic on mobile platforms. After some time, the developers realized that to meet the demands of their mobile user base, they would have to invest additional resources in mobile platforms. After several years of transformation, the team decided on a solution whose heart is ReactJS, i.e. the React Native cross-platform framework. This resulted in fast development, as well as increased traffic and gaining new users.


Graphiq is a platform that connects professionals interested in hiring with the right creative talent, helping to succeed in projects on time, on budget, and deliver the highest quality product. Developed from scratch in BinarApps, the platform combines several technologies, including ReactJS. It is currently a leader in the creative sector and provides customers with the highest value.


Of course, among the applications using ReactJS, its creators’ products could not be missing. Facebook is the most famous social network today, and its mobile app is one of the most used apps in the world. To improve the mobile experience and meet their high needs, they first created an open-source library, which is our React JS, and then their own cross-platform framework, React Native. Currently, it is one of the most widely used frameworks for developing Android and iOS applications.


As you can see, ReactJS is a great tool with many advantages. Of course, it is not an ideal solution and without flaws, but when used for an appropriate project by good specialists, it can help you build fantastic software. Choose ReactJS if you want high performance and fast page loading that will delight your users. You can also create an application that is available on all devices, searchable, and future-proof. The possibilities offered by ReactJS are many, so if the above advantages meet your expectations, consider ReactJS to build your project.

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