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Audun Vaaler

CEO/CTO of Drylab

When choosing BinarApps, we considered first of all whether the company is trustworthy and whether it has the competence and experience in building modern websites. As it turned out, the software house has great references from Norway. We are also very positively surprised by the level of technological competence and the involvement in the project of the entire team in Poland.

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Wouter van der Lelji

CEO Agenda

The loading time of our application has gone down drastically, which is very good. The application is very stable, and we've doubled our client base. I'm happy with the progress we've made. We will continue to move forward and build on what we have.

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Erik Sandsmark

Co-founder CDO, Graphiq

We knew the company services performed by BinarApps. That's an important part. Apart from that, after having met with them couple times we found a good connection and trustworthy relationship which is of high importance. The other part is obviously quality. They met our requirements for the technology we needed to develop.

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Tom Cooper

Co-founder CTO Boosterville

Cost and quality were two qualities that set BinarApps apart from many other companies considered operating in the U.S. market. Their team is agile and scaling, with the capacity to constantly improve and innovate their own business to meet the needs of their clients. Their cost is significantly less than anything I found in the US, without degradation of quality. The skills of the resource I have are great. Based on their partnership, we were able to deliver the first version of our app and launch and we’ve secured our Series C funding.

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Moty Michaely


Team skills, people approach, and their capabilities to adapt quickly and deliver set them apart from other players. This is BinarApps.

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Radosław Jeż

CEO Skilltelligence

We needed a competent and experienced team, being able to react quickly and effectively. Not only did BinarApps share their knowledge and expertise, but also showed understanding and commitment to our ideas.

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